A close one (Missed Email)

Life in product management is often on the edge of control. Sometimes you miss something important. Sometimes you need to change your underwear after a scare.

About 11:00 AM today, one of my engineers sent me an Slack message asking about something he sent me, regarding some external people for a UX workshop.

The Dude goes into crisis mode. He kinda remembered something...

Did he miss an email?

Did he delete it without reading it?

How long ago should he have responded?

Turns out that it was an email sent at 2:34AM, TODAY, and the fact that it was in the 87 new emails that arrived after he logged off at 6:45PM. Since he woke up at 4:00AM to be ready to take a call at 5:00AM, so it wasn't a bad thing that he missed this email.

Of course, the Dude gets too damn many emails.

Side note: The Dude did miss an email, from a customer complaining about service, so he spent extra time responding to that, and offering some 1:1 face time to discuss their concerns.

All in a day of Product Management

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