Forensic Accounting

Not product management, but the Dude has experienced an investigation with a Forensic Accountant, and he suspects that Trump and the Trump Organization is gonna rue the day.

Not really a product management topic, but now that Trump and the Trump Organization has lost their final, last ditch effort to shield their accounting and tax data from the NYAG’s office, and it appears that literally millions of documents have been handed over, it is time for the rise of the Forensic Accountant.

The Dude has experienced an outstanding Forensic Accountant, as part of an audit (that went rather poorly, and uncovered a lot of sketchy, loosey-goosey practices that weren’t kosher) and he has a tremendous respect for the role and the folks who do this.

Think of a wicked fast lightning calculator, the ability to look at a page of numerical data and within 5 seconds, figure out the hidden bad faith accounting.

They are wicked smart, and able to cut through a lot of waffling and misdirection, and they just know when you are hiding bad juju.

The Dude is a bit of a numbers geek, who flexes his physics degree and deep mathematical chops is impressed.

And this was at a company, in a small case study. Imagine the best Forensic Accountants crawling through 8 years of the Trump tax returns, and all the accounting records associated with those returns (rumored to run in the millions of documents) coupled with what we know about Trump’s (and the Trump Organization’s) visible malfeasance…

Yeah, it is not going to be pretty. It will be a huge project, and based upon how aggressively former president Trump angled to protect his finance records from public view, the Dude is going to enjoy what the end result is.

Time to lay in a supply of popcorn and White Russian fixins.

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