Great Question ...

When the Dude asks a question, don't tell him "Great question", just fucking answer it. Capisce?

Brief post today. The Dude has noticed that when he asks his boss, or some other executive a pointed, poignant question, the response is often a flippant "That's a great question" followed by some mumbo-jumbo malarkey that doesn't answer said question.

Seriously, the Dude has done a LOT of marketing interviews, VoC calls, and customer visits. He's a penetrating question answering MASTER. He fuckin' knows it was a great question. Don't patronize him, and answer the tough question.

You're the executive, you got the sweet employment contract and the gobs of equity. You get a fuckload more money per pay period than the Dude. You were asked a question that you are supposed to be able to answer. So answer it.

'nuff said

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