So, as I sit here, puffing on a J, sipping a fine bottle of IPA (Racer 5 from Bear Republic Brewery if you must know), I happen to look at my work email. Lo and behold, our VP of sales for the Americas just sent out a congratulatory “Well, we missed our quota, but we had some really good deals” email.

What the fuck? Sales can swing and miss on their quota for the quarter, and they still are asking for all of us to say “Wow, good effort. I am sure you will do better next time.” Is this kindergarten all over again? Is self esteem all that matters?

Fuck that. If I am late with a product release, or if some very needed feature fails to make it, or if … well, you get the idea. I get an ass reaming from my boss. No touchy-feely self esteem enhancing bullshit comes my way. No “Well, I am sure you will do better next year” smoke up the ass.

I am thinking we need some Alec Baldwin to come in from Mitch and Murray to tell the sales team how it is. Quit babying them. They want huge upside, they need to live with the consequences when they come up short.