I can't be the only one...

Grunt work - assigned projects that don't move the needle, but consume copious amounts of product management's time

Far too many of my products and development programs are thrust upon me without my consent, and I am there to run with them.

Right now, there are three in my hopper, and a call last week with an outside group where the Dude was roped in at the last second (the meeting included our VP/GM, the Dude couldn't say no) that is about to turn into yet another product development effort that the Dude didn't originate, didn't champion, but couldn't say 'no' to.

Sure, about half of the open projects on the Dude's plate are for his main, "day job", but he has three of these extras thrust  upon him. One of them was initiated by a former leader (who has left for greener pastures at Microsoft) but has a shit ton of complexities, including dealing with e-commerce and tax code compliance. The Dude fucking hates dealing with tax compliance, why the fuck does that fall to Product Management anyways?

One is a vanity project, spearheaded by a different group, not needed by the target group (they are fine with what is already in place) but is well out of our comfort zone, to the point where we need to hire in some consultants ($$$) to be SMEs for the project. Super messy, and a lot of work.

Do other product managers collect shit projects like visa stamps in a passport? Or is it just the Dude that gets this shit non-stop?

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