I guess I am back after all

What started as a test vehicle, and toying around, has become a rekindled passion. The Dude is back, writing biting snark about Product Management, and his observations. Buckle up!

What started as a vehicle to spin some cycles and learn more about VPSs, hosting, and the new changes in the Ghost CMS, has become a vehicle for product management musings.

I can’t lie, it does feel good to be back, to be able to take some of the snark in my head and put it to paper. In general I haven’t written much in the last year due to some personal issues that consumed all my available bandwidth.

The truth is, as much progress has been made in the product management universe, there is still some pretty fucked up shit that happens, that we have to deal with, and that cause us to shake our heads, wondering if it is worth it. This shit scares a lot of talent away from the profession. There is a reason that the average time spent in the product management role is about 4 years.

The Dude recently passed off a minor product - a headache really - to someone who has the title product manager. Alas, she is struggling with the product. Not because of the headline project and program requirements, but instead the politics, the power struggles, and frankly, the insanity of the key stakeholders that she has to joust with.

It is for people like this that I write. That I share my experiences. That I bloviate.

If you are reading this, I salute you.

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