Just Screwing Around

Not a rebirth, but a vehicle to play and learn without any stress.

This is an experiment, not really a rebirth, but I am using this, and a couple of my domains to play with some cool stuff.

I used to run a Ghost based blog, started with the Ghost Pro (when it was like $10 a month) then went to a self hosted version. I think that was in the 1.x era.

But the system has become much more polished than it was, and I find myself with a few cycles, so I will play with some of the new tools before I get bored and delete the droplet again.

Right now I am running two instances of Ghost on the smallest Digital Ocean droplet (1gb, 1cpu, 25g disk space). It seems to run quite well in this limited environment.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo / Unsplash

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