LinkedIn ... Again

The Dude turned off all notifications from #linkedin, and his email has been thankful. But a recent visit for a separate reason to LI clues in that LI has become as much of a cesspool as other social media

It's been a while since the Dude has written on LinkedIn. Many reasons, but the primary reason is that about a year ago, the Dude got tired of all the notification spam from LinkedIn, and finally visited the settings and turned off ALL notification.

The silence has been blissful.

But, the other day, the Dude wanted to write a recommendation for a former colleague, so he donned his protective suit of armor and dove in.

He wrote the recommendation, and then made the mistake of checking his notifications. Perhaps there was the golden job offer as an EVP of a Fortune 500 company, and enough riches to allow the Dude to retire to an island paradise.

No, that isn't what he found.

What he did find was that every article, every post, every thing he looked at was followed by all the right wing troll nonsense that he has curated out of his Twitter feed. It appears that Microsoft has finally turned LinkedIn into the social media cesspool that LinkedIn always wanted to be.

Image capture of a linkedIn comment thread
Some of the typical shit in the comments on a LI article

Rants about Covid, the Covid Vaccine, about how the 2020 election was stolen from Trump. And much MUCH more. Not to mention the 7 or 8 attempts to have the Dude upgrade to LinkedIn Premium.

Seriously, if the Dude visits LinkedIn twice a year, that is more than enough.

The Dude is glad that he rarely visits LinkedIn.

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