LinkedIn rubbish

Linked In seems to be desperate in their quest for revenues. Attributes that kept it relevant are being relaxed, and spam/sales bullshit abounds. Being bought by Microsoft isn't helping either

The Dude has little love for LinkedIn.  From their heavy push for the "premium" subscription, to the laziness it has instilled in the recruiters out in the world (at least twice a year, the Dude gets a call from someone looking to fill a "Production Manager" role. I mean it does have product in the title), to obvious strippers wanting to connect (yeah honey, you really are a VP of marketing at Oracle with that lacy lingerie in your profile pic.)

That said, lately the Dude has been inundated with spammy connect requests, and outright telemarketing.

Case 1 - the solicitation of work

The Dude gets a connect request from out of the blue. No 1st level peers, no 2nd level peers. Just random. This guy wants me to hire him to write blog postings.  A copywriter looking for gigs. I know the eLance is destroying that profession. I know that a lot of what used to be good solid service gigs are going to eastern bloc workers who bid so low that you know they are pirating their OS and applications. And people don't care, as long as it's cheap.

(For the record, the Dude's spouse is a writer, and she is pretty much retired, not out of choice, but because the ability to make a living at it is about gone in this country. It sucks.)

Case 2 - the sales cold call

This is a new one to the Dude. A call from a colleague in a different state. Someone called him and asked to be transferred to me. Foolishly the Dude takes the call. Big mistake. It is some asshole looking to sell their marketing automation/content management solution.

Central Services

The Dude works for a fortune 500 company. He is in marketing, but at a business unit. Shit like this has to come from central marketing, and he kept telling this asshole that, but he kept pushing. The Dude knows damn well he isn't going to pass this yokel to the marketing VP.


LinkedIn keeps trying to vie for your eyeballs, replacing the old recruiters network and their rolodex, and to increase their revenues.  However, their original insistence on introductions, and a verifiable path to a person seems to be breaking down. And they don't seem to give a shit.

(For grins, google "make money on linkedin" and you will get 314 MILLION hits with a lot of things like "monetize blog posts" and other zany bullshit.)

Don't get me started on the "Growth Hacking Twitter" phenomenon. One of my field peers tried to get me to do that. Snort.

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