Market Research

If you pay for market research, and it confirms your suspicions, you might be deluded. Product Management needs to keep their eyes open

Today, a flashback happened, as I saw a tweet from the way back time by the incomparable April Dunford:

April Dunford nails it on market research

Right there is gold, and it is timely.

Earlier this week, the Dude was working with his boss, and his boss' boss, and they used a slide from a market analyst report that pretty much tells the optimistic story that we need to tell for a product line review with senior management.

Then the Dude heard the magic words:

"Look at this data that tells us we are AWESOME." Where did the research come from? Oh, WE paid for the research?
picard facepalm

Fortunately, nobody in the room saw the facepalm that the Dude executed. Seriously, his eyes were in danger of being permanently rolled back into his head. Not one other person connected the dots. We commissioned an AFH1 to do a narrow focused report, to validate of our products were still relevant, and nobody seemed to think that we were suffering from some confirmation bias.

Support indeed.

Sigh. This shit is getting old.

1 - Analyst for Hire

p.s. if you don't follow April Dunford on Twitter, get your ass on over there and follow her...

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