Motherfucking Bosses

There are bad bosses, and then there are motherf*ckers. The Dude's boss is the latter, pissing on his team, and others, making no friends

This will be an NSFW post.

A few weeks ago, in a public meeting, the Dude's boss essentially punched down on one of the Dude's peers in a different team. Basically said she was an idiot and that she had no clue.

There are many problems with this behavior, but the fact that he did it publically in a meeting with the entirety of both teams on the line was really fucked up.

The Dude had several private conversations with his peers about how bad that exchange was.

A week later, the Dude gets a ping from his boss. The Dude is now assigned to be the interface with this other team member, and is to "take the lead" on this initiative. Knowing that this is fallout from the public shit-show, the Dude is not surprised.

Over the next several days, the Dude has worked with various stakeholders, identified the best path forward, and put together a proposal.

Yesterday, we had a "stakeholders" meeting to discuss this, and come to a consensus.

Then, the Dude's fucking boss decided to piss all over it in public. The best analogy is that he was standing on the rim of the volcano that is erupting, and throwing gasoline on the developing conflagration.

He literally poked holes in every goddamn assumption. His reasoning was, don't have assumptions, don't guess, have absolute rock solid data.

The problem is that every fucking time I have trotted out user surveys, cost-benefit analyses, (rational) projections, he finds an excuse to deflect, deny, and belittle.

This is not an isolated instance. He does this over and over again, and it it really fucking annoying.

Product Management isn't a science. There is always some guesswork, some inferences that must be made. The Dude is paid well to have enough knowledge, foundational data, and the ability to connect dots to give a good decision that moves the process forward. Will it always be perfect? No, but good product managers know what pitfalls there are, and can be invaluable in steering around huge gaps.

But only if their motherfucking manager doesn't fucking torpedo them in public.

Fuck, the Dude needs a cocktail. Or many.

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