Not this shit again…

The Dude mostly has a hate-hate more relationship with Biz Dev. This is an example of why.

The Dude is not a fan of Business Development. He should be more precise, it isn’t the concept of Biz Dev that he hates, it is just the smarmy smug motherfuckers who seem to land in that job. They universally have this superiority complex, they are too cool for school, and they really don’t know shit.

Yesterday morning, the Dude had an email from one of our Japanese reps sent an email about some procedural changes in a program. The Dude dutifully responded, and clarified the questions.

Yesterday evening, the DB-BDM (douche bag biz dev manager) sent an email telling the Dude that he answered the question wrong, and that he was in error.

And he did it with the rep on the reply list.


The Dude drafted the policy document, worked the approvals, and was on the panel when we explained the details to the wider rep audience. The Dude wasn’t wrong.

The Dude replied - privately - that whatever justification the DB-BDM had was wrong. The DB-BDM replied with a recording from a webinar, with a time index, where the Dude’s boss did say the wrong thing. But less than 90 seconds later, it was corrected. That didn't stop the DB-BDM from insisting that he was right.

The chain stopped at 8:30PM, and the Dude lit up a spliff to prevent him from flambéing this weasel.

Surrounded by idiots, and the Dude’s distaste for the role of BDM was again reinforced.

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