Odd situation - the compliment

When you get down on where your career is going, sometimes you get a jolt of a bit of very positive feedback. It almost makes it worth it

The Dude has long gotten out of the habit of receiving complements. Hell, he does his job, he dishes out the praise, he shoulders the blame like a good product manager should. The honest, sincere compliment is just something he doesn’t receive (or expect), so when one happens, he is floored.

The Dude learned of a meeting at a small company, run by several people the Dude worked with in the past. They have been struggling to get their marketing going, and had gone through some contractors, but had yet to find someone that worked for them.

At this meeting, someone that the Dude totally respects as an opinion leader, as well as a technical guru, just offered up “When I think of a great Marketing leader, The Dude is the yardstick that I compare to”.

Whoa, totally floored. Three people who were in this meeting related this same story to me, so I have to believe it. I am still humbled. Heck, if I hadn’t just relocated, and taken a new role, I would probably consider making the move to their company.

It does make you feel good to hear such things about yourself. After being beaten down by the stress and politics, you can get pretty cowed, so some confirmation that you aren’t worthless after all.

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