Product Management Ownage

Self ownage is the best kind.

Today the Dude saw a thread on twitter, it was a fellow PM who had a list of things that make a great Product Manager.

By and large it was a good list. A little unrealistic, especially the one about never saying a decision was “Above my pay grade”. Because, there are decisions that you can’t make, and are really above your pay grade.

But the real gold was in the replies. Many saying it was a good list, but pretty unachievable. And that if that was what it took, then Product Management was a pretty fucked position.

But one response was epic.

A fellow Product Manager said he would reconsider the list once the OP’s product (listed clearly in his bio) wasn’t a smoldering heap of dog shit.

Oh. My. God.

That was epic to read. The Dude is bummed he didn’t screen cap it.

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