Review Time

The annual review happened, and the Dude was shocked at how well he did. The fact that it was surprising to the Dude hints that his managemetn is dropping the ball.

The Dude suffers from crippling imposter syndrome. He lives in the surety that he is one fuck-up, one mis-timed comment, one bad day from being terminated for cause.

It is wholly irrational, as he gets good marks, and is well respected by his peers, across the organization.

On Friday, he got the 15 minute meeting invite from his boss, last minute, no details in the invite. That this is exactly the way that layoff meetings are handled is not lost on the Dude.

This was a combo meeting, where he got both his final bonus payout notice, and his annual merit increase plus RSU grant.

Needless to say, for the 5th year in a row, his individual performance factor was at the top of the range (130%, the maximum) and he got a 6% salary increase, as well as nearly $50K of restricted stock grants.

The fact that this was a complete surprise, and that the Dude was under the impression that his boss was not satisfied with his performance. In fact, the last direct communications about it was how the Dude “wasn’t an agent of change” that he wanted bigger, bolder things.


So once again the Dude tops out his bonus, gets a solid pay raise, and a pretty meaty block of stock.

Sidebar: The Dude finally makes more than he did just before the global financial crisis of 2009. Took a long time to get back here.

The Dude guesses he will stay a while longer.

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