Shitty Jobs

There are bad jobs, and then there are *BAD* jobs. The Dude jousts with a cold caller for a realtor.

The Dude complains too much about product management. It is a hard job, very stressful, and leads to burnout and a lot of potential health issues.

There are worse jobs. Plenty of them.

The Dude worked with a director of Software Engineering that was missing the end of one of his fingers. On a business trip, over cocktails, he asked what was the story. Turns out, his dad worked in a shoe factory (in Pennsylvania) and one summer between high school and university, he worked there. He got his finger caught in a machine that pressed heels onto soles.

Turns out that he saw all the other people on the factory floor, and they were all missing something. Yeah, he decided to study hard in college and become a software engineer.

Then there is the old joke about the QA technician at Becton Dickson, the makers of medical supplies. The joke goes something along the line of if you think you have a bad job, go to Walgreens (or Boots if you are in the UK) buy a BD rectal thermometer, go to a dark room, open it up, and note that there is a slip of paper saying that this thermometer was tested by <someone’s name>. Yeah, that I didn’t need to know.

Then there are the Realtor cold callers. The Dude lives in a very modest tract home in the southern most part of Silicon Valley. He bought his house 5 years ago, and it is now worth probably $950K.

The market is “hot” here now, and in the last few weeks, he has taken calls on his cell phone to ask if he would want to sell (like where the fuck will he live if he sells?) and when the Dude responds that he would be glad to sell for $2.5M USD, they go silent … or ask if that is negotiable.

No, it’s not fucking negotiable. That is a number that will let the Dude retire tomorrow.

The Dude ought to feel guilty for these people, what a lousy thing to do to try to get people to list their house, or to sell it sight unseen to a broker who will flip the fucker.

Man, I hope I never become that desperate for work.

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