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Some notes about the re-constituted Product Management Dude blog. Post frequency, commitments, and an offer to those looking to post snark

The Dude began this blog over 9 years ago. At the time, he was in a dark place, work sucked, he felt trapped, and some peers (mostly an inept marketing team) were really pissing him off. So, he started The Product Management Dude. His inspiration was The Cranky Product Manager, who wrote scathing posts, that cut through the bullshit of the happy happy, feel good pablum that was Product Management Twitter.

Over the last decade, he has posted a lot of items, gotten into some trouble, taken it down, reconstituted, and is now regularly posting.

The Dude tries to keep it fresh, to post observations in his own life, and has learnt to not post things that gets him in trouble.

The goal is to post weekly (or nearly), something related to product, whether it is product management, or marketing, or leadership. With a few exceptions, the Dude has kept up this cadence. Tuesday mornings at 8:00 AM Pacific time.

Social Media Update

The Dude is back on Facebook, for those who are still on there, at this link: The Product Management Dude, Go give it a like!

If you are here, odds are that you came from Twitter. The Dude's twitter is here just in case you haven't followed him. If you do, you might notice that he has spent a lot of time wallowing in US Elections and politics. Alas, not that the Presidential election is done, he will revert to more product management posts and observations with a little bit of humor mixed in.

Guest Posting

Have a wacky product management related story?  Worried to post it under your real name?  The Dude would be glad to post it for you. To inquire more about this, email The Dude, and he'll get you set up.


With the move to Ghost v4, subscriptions are in, akin to the Substack phenomenon. The Dude  So we will NEVER send you more than one email a week. C'mon, why haven't you subbed?

DO IT NOW! Always free. Click to Subscribe

The Dude hopes you enjoy the site!

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