Stretch Projects

A peer leans into a stretch project, the Dude is to "advise", but then the Dude does most of the work.

A couple months ago, during a 1:1 with his boss, the Dude learnt of a project to revise a pretty significant agreement with our channel. The Dude’s boss said that a peer of the Dude mentioned to the boss that he had some cycles and wanted to volunteer for something meaningful.

The Dude’s boss told the Dude that he ought to sit in and advise, as he has deep experience in the policies that were being altered, and the Dude agreed.

As a long time reader, the Dude bets you know what happens next…

The colleague who had “spare time” had a family issue, and disappeared, and suddenly the Dude was doing the heavy lifting with a Business Analyst to run numbers and scenarios.

Just what the Dude didn’t need.

If the Dude had the spare cycles, he would have volunteered. In fact, the Dude watches his peer, and thinks that he has too much on his plate. The Dude wondered why he (his peer that is) volunteered.

Stretch goals are a great vehicle for someone looking for the next wring on the ladder, to demonstrate initiative, and willingness to assume greater responsibility, and to audition for a promotion.

But in this case, the Dude believes his peer was jockeying for approval from his leadership. And he fumbled. Bigly.

The Dude does the work, but doesn't get the credit.

News at eleven.

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