The Dude is moving from Mailchimp newsletters to the built in Ghost membership system. Time to decide (if you were on the MC list) if you want to opt out.

One of the cool new features of Ghost as a platform is that it is trying really hard to be the independent option to using services like Substack. And it has something now called memberships, where you can (optionally) configure the system to have a guest, a free, and paid areas.

While the Dude drinks 2 less White Russians a month to fund this site, he really doesn’t need any revenue for this hobby, he does like the idea of dumping Mailchimp as his weekly post round up solution. So, that means that for the roughly 20 or so subscribers to the Mailchimp list, he will be migrating you automatically to the build in subscription area.

However, The Dude does respect your privacy, and is asking you to think hard about whether you want to continue to be alerted when he posts new content.

If you no longer want to receive any notifications, or are horrified by how awful the Dude’s writing is, just drop him an email at and he will gladly omit your email address being added to the members roster here.

The Dude hopes that you don’t decide to opt out, but he understands. The Dude is an acquired taste, and not everybody enjoys that.

It’s cool.

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