Tempting Fate

Can the Dude successfully move to a new role at his company? In theory it is possible, but in practice, it has not worked. Perhaps this is the time it works

One thing the Dude has never been able to pull off is to move to a new role within the same company. He knows in theory it is possible, and there are plenty of cases where people move on to new roles, living their old one behind, whether it is a promotion or a lateral move.

So it does happen, however, the Dude knows that it is difficult for e product manager to extricate herself from a role that is so engrossing, and make a change, let alone still be in the same company.

But, this time might be different.

The Dude works for a large company, like 150K employees total. There is a well known preference for hiring internal candidates, and a streamlined process for listing, applying for, and moving to a new role.

As the Dude has hit his 4 year mark, the tech for something new is growing, so he has been scouring the internal job board. Only 16 positions listed for “Product Manager” (and fully half of them read more like a Biz Dev role) but one caught his eye. At least the description wasn’t too far off, and it sounded interesting.

So he tossed his name and resume into the ring.

Yesterday, the Dude had his interview with the hiring manager. What didn’t come across in the description was how kick ass this position is. It is the creation of a new product, it is high value (both to customers and the company), and it is largely green field.

The interview went well (scheduled for 30 minutes, but we talked for 75), and it seems the the Dude is a strong contender for the role.

Suddenly the Dude is excited again, and hoping that he will be the one.

Coda: The Dude didn't get the job. Le sigh.

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