That Dreaded Time, Manager Training

A joy is when you get the annual "manager's" training. Important - Yes, useful? - no, but required.

The Dude is sitting through that inevitable requirement of a middle manager, “management training”. Having been a denizen of corporate America for a long time, this is a predictable requirement. But that doesn’t make it any less painful.

Inevitably, you get some perky HR person to instruct you. Lately, they are handled by webcast. Often, it is even more clear that the HR person is just reading from a script.

You take the classes because they are required. You really have no choice. But you muse throughout the class that there is a double standard. You are being told to behave a way that you are not rewarded to behave.

But, if you don’t attend, your manager is informed that you aren’t a “team player” and then you get put on the list. Then bad things happen.

So, I sit through inane training, that while it maps to our “mission” and the purported adherence to said mission, is not how my manager coerces me to behave.

Sigh. Two. Wasted. Hours.

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