The Email Monster

Email, a curse and a blessing, remains one of the Achille's heels of Product Management. Once a quarter or so, we bite the bullet and deal with it

The Dude has a problem. Email is totally out of control. He last was able to whittle his inbox to less than 100 items in October. Since then he has hacked at it, but in reality, it has grown completely out of control.

This morning, the Dude glanced down at the mail counter on his inbox.


3,306 items in the inbox, 657 unread.

How does this happen? Well, a lot of reasons. First, the Dude took a couple days off in October for a personal reason. A Tuesday and Wednesday. Turned out that was a bad idea. A couple of unrelated shitstorms happened, and the result was about 600 new messages in 2 days. And it all went down hill from there.

Today, the Dude forced himself to close out the 2014 email filing. 1400 messages filtered, sorted, and filed. Very unsatisfying. But there are still almost 2,000 messages from 2015 to process.

Will the Dude ever get this under control?


Will it last?

No. Sadly, every time the Dude picks up the Getting Things Done book, he gets motivated and tries to implement the techniques. Alas, it always fails on the volume of email that assaults the Dude's inbox.

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