The Orange Idiot Gets the Rona…

Sorry for the non PM post, but what is happening in the US right now is massively impacting all professions, including ours. As the election nears, and COVID runs rampant in the white house, we all should be scared

The Dude likes his schadenfreude as much as anyone else. Thursday night when he went to bed, he had learnt that the close advisor to president Trump had tested positive with COVID-19, and wondered who else she had interacted with.

Turns out, a lot. As soon as the Dude woke up, he was bombarded with the news that both POTUS and the First Lady had been positively diagnosed with Covid.

The timeline of Hicks/Trump really doesn’t match up, so it is likely that they both were exposed earlier (2-7 days) and finally developed symptoms.

All signs point to the closed door debate prep sessions (Hicks was part of that, as was Kellyanne Conway, who has also testes positive), and then the reception to announce Amy Coney Barrett, the nominee to fill Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s vacant Supreme Court seat. Plenty of photos and videos of that event with no social distancing, and little mask wearing in sight.

Sure enough, two senators in the audience, Thom Tillis and Mike Lee have tested positive.

It has always been a matter of when, not if the President and his immediate entourage would be ravished. Now it looks like the virus is running through the west wing like shit through a goose.

Of course, there are four and a half weeks until the election, Trump will be isolated and quarantined for a minimum of 10 days, and as at least two members of the Senate Judiciary committee are positive, it is likely to impact the Republican’s plans to ram through the Barrett nomination and approval to the Supreme Court.

It is a shit show, and it seems that it will only get shittier.

Later on Friday, Trump was flown to Walter Reed Medical center for "routine" monitoring for a few days. It is reported that he has congestion, a fever, and a mild cough, and that the hospital stay was just a precaution.

And if you believe that, I have some dry land in Florida to sell you.

The Dude wishes that the president makes a complete recovery. However, the Dude suspects that this will be the shovelful of dirt that finally buries the re-election campaign for Trump. Not only does Trump have it, but his campaign manager, and the chair of the RNC.

The irony: There is an outcry on the right for Biden to stop campaigning out of respect for the ailing president.

Pardon me while I laugh my ass off. That is rich.

The reason I want Trump to recover is so that after be loses, and his tax returns are supplied to various prosecuting teams, and his reported $421M in debt he has personally guaranteed, and the roughly $100M he will likely owe the IRS for his dodge in 2011, he will be forced to sit by and watch while his business ‘empire’ is dismantled, and sold to pay his creditors, and then to serve whatever punishment is doled out in his dotage. That will be justice.

Sorry for the non-Product Management content. The Dude can’t help but comment on what is transpiring, especially as the mis-managed federal response to COVID is causing his company to slash about 7,000 heads.

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