Un-Fucking Believable

The leaders of the Dude's company generously are granting paid days off as part of the Covid response, and entitled pricks immediately bitch that it isn't more convenient for them.

A quick one today.

A few weeks ago, in one of the periodic all hands meetings, our executive leadership team was talking about Covid, and yada yada yada, about the company and policies.

As part of this, they announced that they were going to give all employees an additional 4 days off, ostensibly to reward the rank and file (this is on top of our already generous official holiday calendar).

Last two years, they tossed these out ad-hoc just granting them to help morale in the Covid era. A welcome spiff.

This year, they announced that they were granting 4 of them, and listed the dates.

The first one is coming on February 17, and the other three are spread out one in each quarter. Way cool. You would think that the employees were virtually high-fiving.

But you would be wrong.

Instead of rejoicing about the largess of the leadership granting nearly an extra week of paid time off, the Q&A panel and the chat was instantly filled with people complaining.

Waah waah waah. We just had MLK’s birthday off, February is too soon. Waah. There is a long stretch between holidays with the next one at the end of May, can’t you make it in April? Waah.

Jesus Fucking Christ people. You are given FOUR additional PAID days off, and you use this opportunity to fucking complain about this to the leadership team?

What the actual fuck are you thinking.

The Dude really doesn’t get his peers. Entitled wads of fuck.

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