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The Dude posts sporadically, mostly about product management, but also about business, marketing, odd observations, and whatever sparks his fancy.

In the past times, the Dude included Google Analytics trackers to see how much traffic he got, but Google began pissing him off, so he yanked all that from all of his sites. If you have a tracker tracer, you should find nothing here.

Alas, the email service the Dude uses to send notifications, Mailgun (fabulous people) does embed a tracking pixel in emails. This is so they can gather analytics on opens. The Dude hopes you don't hate him for that.

If you have comments, you can post them in the Disqus section below each post. Or, if I really torque you, feel free to package your invective into an email to thedude@thepmdude.com (note: that is now hosted on Proton Mail, moved there, because fuck Google...)

If this isn't your cuppa, just move on.

Lastly, if you have some heinous behavior you want to call out, that you have experienced, or if you want a private place to post and rant on, The Dude is always welcoming to guest posts. Just drop him an email.

Cheers, and hope you enjoy your stay!

The Dude

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