Well, that was quick

A new boss, a new colleague, and already some troubles on the high seas. The Dude has some thoughts

Been a while since the Dude has posted. Not because all is well at Chez Duderino, but because the Dude has been busier than fuck all lately. But something has happened that has the Dude scratching his head.

In early February, the Dude got a new manager. The 4th new manager in a little over 2 years. Woo hoo. The new top cheese is a bit eccentric, coming from a world where there is a defined cadence of releases, and everything is managed to those cadences. That, plus they have a butt-load of resources all working in concert to facilitate these releases.

We are a) a lot smaller, and b) a lot less rigorous. We don't march to a predictable roadmap that is published befor God and the world to judge. We built unique things, and ship them when they are ready.

But apart from that, and his odd ability to pick the fucking worst hills to die on, he's not a bad bloke.

Not long after he started, one of the Dude's peers was poached to work in a different group (and to be honest, she is a perfect fit for her new role), and that left an opening. A new req was not in the cards in early Spring, 2022, because - reasons - but another req was repurposed (the other director had this req open for about 9 months withoug filling it. That is big company management malpractice. You get a req, and YOU FUCKING FILL IT PRONTO or it gets pulled).

The applicants were, thin. One was a dude that was pretty solid, but he was also doing a side hustle trying to build a business. Both I and my new boss were not onboard with that.

One of the resumes was someone who worked as a C-Worker in the past, so she had some knowledge of our business, and our products, but the resume was as thin as gold foil. I said that would be a "no".

Turns out that while I was on leave for my father's memorial, she was interviewed and hired.

Oh well, apparently, the req needed to be filled ASAP and she was really the only choice. Whatever.

She comes in, eager, but inexperienced. As the Dude alluded to, our team is too small, and we require a lot of domain, and technical depth to function. Not a good environment for a newbie in product management, but you work with the clay you have, not the marble you wish for.

Fast forward three months, and suddenly this new employee is no longer attending our team meetings, and not participating in our activities.

Weird. But perhaps there is a logical reason.

So, in the Dude's next 1:1 with his manager, he asks. And the response (or non-response) tells a story. The Dude is told that his manager can't discuss this person.

Oh fuck. She has filed an HR case against him. He's been here less than 9 months, she less than 4, and already there is an HR intervention.

Christ on a crouton.

What will tomorrow bring?

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