Why Bother?

The contact form gets some interesting input. Not good, but interesting, and poorly targeted spam.

Why does the Dude bother with the standard "Contact Me" page? Nobody really wants to contact the Dude, on this or any of his other websites, and in reality it has become a firehose of spam, or attempts to execute some XSS attack. That's why the Dude relies on an outside service for the actual form.

But, probably about once a month, a serious sounding query comes in. The Dude fantasizes that some other crusty old product manager would want to write a guest post to let off some steam in an anonymous venue. And the Dude would totally be there for it.

Alas, they are almost always someone doing "growth marketing" or some such shit, wanting to place some bullshit "article" with targeted keywords to trigger some SEO fucktardery, using my site to springboard into some influencer lifestyle bullshit.

The come-on is always like this:

Do I look like I whore my site out? Do you think I would sell out to enable you to grow your ever precious reach? Did you even look at my website?

'cuz if you had, you would not think that a promoted post about ways for "creatives" to get discovered would not be something that the Dude would EVER publish, not on pain of death.

For fuck's sake people, git yer head outta yer asses and think before spamming the contact form.

Sorry, had to get that off my chest

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