Welcome to the PM Dude’s blog. My goal is to have an honest appraisal of the state of Product Management and Marketing. It will use some harsh language, and some themes that might shock you. Good.

In the Dude's experience, the term "Product Management" really encompasses the disciplines of marketing, product management, program management, sales enablement, product marketing, and more than a little of straight up salesmanship, all the topics will be on the table.

I will not always be congenial. There are some hard truths that need to be said. I will say them, and I welcome a lively debate. I know that I am not always right, but I have a LONG history, and have seen much of the good, the bad and the ugly.

I will not always be heavy. I will also post amusing anecdotes, and whimsical items, pulled from current events, observations that I make (remember, the top trait of a good product manager is being a stellar observer of both situations and interpersonal interactions).

The Dude I picked the theme of “The Dude” from a cult classic film, “The Big Lebowski”. I really didn’t enjoy the movie when it came out, but it has, like product management, grown on me. If you haven’t seen the movie, put it on your Netflix list. Worth the price of admission. Otherwise, you might miss some of the references I will make. In general the Dude abides. He is glue between different personalities, and he keeps his bowling league team moving in the right direction. If there was a movie that was about herding cats, I would have selected that as a theme. There isn’t (yet) so The Dude it is. It fits.

My commitment to my readers (if there should ever be any):

  1. This site will be (mostly) committed to Product Management.
  2. It will not be spun in an optimistic tone. You know the sites that shy away from controversy, or who try to put a positive spin on a turd sandwich. Or the sites that are pushing an agenda, or trying to sell services. We will not do that here.
  3. I will not try to monetize this site. I will (try really hard) to not resort to advertising. If I ever find that the hosting charges exceed my budget for White Russians, I will evaluate how I can make it revenue neutral. No more than that. Fortunately, unless this goes viral, I probably can live forever in a $5 a month droplet on Digital Ocean.
  4. I have decided to not allow comments. Too much bat-shittery in comments.

Why I am doing this?

As a long time product manager, I have seen a lot of changes in the art and practice of Product Management and Product Marketing. The creation of the product management community on Twitter, the growth of the professionally packed curricula to help a new product manager down the path to success, and the acceptance of product management as a core participant at the senior leadership table are all great developments.

However, the role itself, regardless of the nice, compartmentalized descriptions offered by Pragmatic and Blackblot, is still poorly defined in practice. The tendency for it to be the garbageman in the organization is still high. And respect for the role often remains low in key stakeholders and groups.

I will shine light on these issues, offer suggestions as to how I have addressed them in the past. If I help even one product manager who is drowning, I will consider this a success.

I hope you enjoy the ride. If, for some strange reason you want to contact The Dude, you can email him at thedude's email addy

The Dude

Image: Graham Smith. I tried to find contact information to license this image, but failed. If Graham finds this, please let me know how much to license it for web use.

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