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‘Expert’ Networks

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The rise of expert networks starting in the ‘aughts give the promise of using some of your experience and domain knowledge to help others. Alas, my experience is that the asks were for confidential information.

(From 2012)

At the referral of a friend several years ago, I joined the GLG group to offer myself as an expert.  I have a lot of knowledge of a lot of technologies, and companies.

I got my invitation, filled it out, took their ethics training (every year), set my hourly rate, and waited.

Every single query I have received was a request that seemed to imply that they wanted details of my employer’s business.

Then I read this in the NY Times, and I am happy that I have applied the smell test of ethics to the queries.…

Increasingly, these “expert networks” are being implicated in insider trading scandals. Perhaps I was not being to paranoid and reading too much into the queries.

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