Sales Brain-power

Companies like to think they hire the best and brightest. That just ain't true. The Dude reminisces about an event early in his career that still causes him to chuckle

Back in 2001, the Dude worked for a ginormous tech company, that had a reputation of hiring the best and brightest people. While every company thinks that their recruitment and hiring policies bring in the best and brightest, that just can't be true.

To illustrate, the Dude one day, early in his tenure at this company, was seated across from the printer and the fax machine. Back then, they weren't a multifunction device that combines printing, scanning and faxing.

One day, he watched a Sales droid spend 2 hours trying to figure out how to send a fax from the fax machine.

It reminded the Dude of this clip from Sesame Street.

Yeah, it was just like that.

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